Planning the Perfect Greek Adventure

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My mom and I recently got back from the most perfect holiday in Greece. Last year we did a road trip of the Amalfi coast and decided that the next trip would have to be Greece. Greece has been on the top of my travel list since I moved to London 3 years ago, unfortunately it ended up being country number 42, but was well with the wait.

The hardest part of a trip is the planning. How do you know the dos and don’ts if you have never been? Personally, my experience with many travel agents is it ends up costing you far more then if you just did it yourself, so I am going to show you how in just 4 simple steps.

  1. Flights – As I am based in London I use Skyscanner for all my long haul and in country flights. It allows you to search through all available airlines for the best deals and times. I booked flights for us from London to Athens and then from Santorini back to London as it worked the best for the route we were planning on taking. Even though flying from Santorini was a lot more expensive, the other option was wasting 8hours on a ferry back to Athens which would mean wasting a whole day on travel.
  2. Where to visit- common sense and a map was how I worked this out. Greece is massive when you consider all the islands you can visit. I knew which islands I wanted to visit based on all the travel bloggers I follow so just needed to plan it that I was working through the Islands in a straight line and not wasting unnecessary time travelling. We did our trip in the following order: Athens, Mykonos, Paros and Santorini. Here is a great article to read if you need help deciding.
  3. Accommodation – I would normally check the following sites: Trivago, for a comparison of all hotels and the best deals for each. Airbnb, this is perfect if you want to experience a city as if you were a local. For our Greek adventure, I used for all our accommodation as we wanted a hassle free trip with all the amenities that a hotel offers. I am a genius member with so get an extra 10% off many hotels. Things I look for: Location; Reviews; Extras like shuttle service, breakfast etc.
  4. Transport – I booked all our ferry transfers through Ferrriesingreece, this site allowed me to compare the prices and times for all the major ferries who travel to and from the islands during the summer.All transfers were arranged through the hotels we were staying at, which I planned with each hotel ahead of arriving. You only need to allow 30 minutes before the ferry leaves which means you are not wasting time like you would in an airport.


If you follow these 4 steps, you should have your greek adventure planned in know time. Be sure to check out my next blog for the hotels we stayed at, how long you need in each place and top tips.

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