Golden Gate Bridge

The icon landmark of San Fransciso which is featured in thousands of travellers photo’s and guide books. What makes it so special? When the weather shows off for you the views of San Fran are sensational.


dsc_0547_fotorThe bridge is 1.6kms in length, the only way to truly experience it is to get out of your car and walk it.

img_1550_fotorWhen I checked the weather for the day it showed it was 25 degrees ith very little wind, so I decided to pull out one of my beautifully flowing forever new dresses.

img_1551_fotorRule 1 when visiting San Francisco: Never ever trust the weather forecast, beacuse if it is due to be hot with a light breeze in one part its guaranteed to be cold and windy in another, especially when crossing the bridge. Here I am with a hair tie keeping my dress together.

dsc_0554_fotorThe clouds slowly parting to show whats down below.

dsc_0557_fotorLiterally 1 second later.



dsc_0563_fotorSadly, the Golden Gate Bridge is the 2nd highest suicide site in the world. So for so many of us we visit this iconic bridge as part of our bucket list, but for many others they visit it for very different reasons. I hope your reasons will be for the former but don’t forget to stop and have a moment of silence for those who choose their time on the bridge to be their last.


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