Route 66

Firstly, apologies for the recent silence, I have been working very hard on some very exciting future additions to the blog:) Watch this space for future announcements.

Whilst I was in Vegas we had a very exciting day trip to the Grand Canyon (post to come), en route we stopped in one of the historic route 66 towns which survives purely on tourists who come for a traditional diner experience and to take loads of pictures. I was luckily enough to be on a Topdeck tour so didn’t need to do any of the planning myself, however if you are making your own way and would like to find it you can do so here.




dsc_0219_fotorJust like in the movies;) I didn’t see any bikers so still undecided on whether or not they are props or not.


dsc_0235_fotor5 of the 9 cities I have been lucky enough to visit.



img_1194_fotorCopper cart is the local diner in which tourists flock to.

dsc_0222_fotorWe only spent about 30 minutes in the town and to be honest that was all we needed, but I am so glad I got to experience one of the old route 66 towns as it was everything I imagined it to be and more.



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