Golden Gate Bridge

The icon landmark of San Fransciso which is featured in thousands of travellers photo’s and guide books. What makes it so special? When the weather shows off for you the views of San Fran are sensational.


dsc_0547_fotorThe bridge is 1.6kms in length, the only way to truly experience it is to get out of your car and walk it.

img_1550_fotorWhen I checked the weather for the day it showed it was 25 degrees ith very little wind, so I decided to pull out one of my beautifully flowing forever new dresses.

img_1551_fotorRule 1 when visiting San Francisco: Never ever trust the weather forecast, beacuse if it is due to be hot with a light breeze in one part its guaranteed to be cold and windy in another, especially when crossing the bridge. Here I am with a hair tie keeping my dress together.

dsc_0554_fotorThe clouds slowly parting to show whats down below.

dsc_0557_fotorLiterally 1 second later.



dsc_0563_fotorSadly, the Golden Gate Bridge is the 2nd highest suicide site in the world. So for so many of us we visit this iconic bridge as part of our bucket list, but for many others they visit it for very different reasons. I hope your reasons will be for the former but don’t forget to stop and have a moment of silence for those who choose their time on the bridge to be their last.


Birds Eye View

One of the highlights of my USA trip was none other than the Grand Canyon. Not only was it high up on my bucket list, but it also makes up one of the seven natural wonders of the world which is another bucket list I am working through.

There is only one way to truly experience the immensity of the canyon and that is with a birds eye view.



10 minutes of flying over this lovely forest and the landscape opens up to this………….



dsc_0259_fotorThe Grand Canyon is carved by the Colorado river below.

dsc_0261_fotorThe Canyon is 466kms long, up to 29kms wide and 1857 metres deep. Only when flying over it can you truly appreciate how massive it really is.


img_1260_fotorNext stop to go and explore on foot…..




img_1284_fotorIf you haven’t added the Grand Canyon to your travel list yet, I highly recommend you make it a priority.


Route 66

Firstly, apologies for the recent silence, I have been working very hard on some very exciting future additions to the blog:) Watch this space for future announcements.

Whilst I was in Vegas we had a very exciting day trip to the Grand Canyon (post to come), en route we stopped in one of the historic route 66 towns which survives purely on tourists who come for a traditional diner experience and to take loads of pictures. I was luckily enough to be on a Topdeck tour so didn’t need to do any of the planning myself, however if you are making your own way and would like to find it you can do so here.




dsc_0219_fotorJust like in the movies;) I didn’t see any bikers so still undecided on whether or not they are props or not.


dsc_0235_fotor5 of the 9 cities I have been lucky enough to visit.



img_1194_fotorCopper cart is the local diner in which tourists flock to.

dsc_0222_fotorWe only spent about 30 minutes in the town and to be honest that was all we needed, but I am so glad I got to experience one of the old route 66 towns as it was everything I imagined it to be and more.



A Sunday ride in New Forest

Over the last few weeks it has been very obvious in the UK that the seasons are changing and that autumn is here, very soon to be followed by winter. On my daily travels I have been in awe with the beautiful colours and was desperate to find a destination that would allow me to capture the beauty of autumn.

The research began and after stumbling across this article in the telegraph, I decided New Forest was going to be the place I had to go.

The idea of riding a bike through this National Park and the thought of possibly bumping into wild horses seemed like a perfect way to spend a sunday. I looked on New Forest’s website and found a bike hire shop in Lyndhurst (the centre of New Forest).  At only £10 a bike for the entire day it was a serious steal and Billy was a super friendly chap who went through all the best routes.


And so the adventure began….



It didn’t take us long to find these two.


dsc_0895_fotorLuckily for us, they weren’t the last.


Our next stop was Rhinefield House which was highly recommended by Billy at the cycle shop.







dsc_0935_fotorSo many beautiful wild horses!

img_0003_fotorApproximately 20 miles and 5 hours later with a little stopover in Brokenhurst for lunch it was time to make our way back to London.


Our Lady of Rocks

Just 2 hours away from Dubrovnik, hidden in the bay of Kotor in Montenegro is the tiniest island (otherwise known as an islet) you will ever come across, Our Lady of Rocks.

DSC_0163_Fotor6The islet is man made from old and seized ships which have been loaded with rocks. Its is home to a Catholic church with a museum attached and a tiny little gilf shop.


DSC_0173_Fotor10The islet dates back to 1452 when an icon of a madonna and her child were found. Today, ancient artefacts like this canon can still be found on the islet.




DSC_0156_Fotor2At only €5 a boat trip it is well worth the trip. The views from the island of the bay of Kotor were stunning. From here we got back on the coach, with our next stop being Kotor itself.

DSC_0202_Fotor17Goodbye for now Our Lady of Rocks.

Strudels & Spritzers

On recent visit to Vienna we couldn’t help ourselves and made a point of stopping at beautiful settings around the cultural city and testing out all that it had to offer.

As a starting point, our airbnb host recommended we stop at the bakery in the main train station Wien Hauptbahnhof.

DSC_0130_FotorDSC_0132_FotorDSC_0133_FotorThe bakery was absolutely sensational and started off the trend for the rest of our time in Vienna. Luckily we had to do loads of walking:)

Croissant in hand and we started exploring. First up the houses of Parliament and the Hofburg Palace.

DSC_0142_FotorDSC_0147_FotorDSC_0162_FotorDSC_0175_FotorDSC_0207_FotorDSC_0240_FotorThis was then the theme for the rest of the day…DSC_0242_FotorCheers to the best travel buddies:)

Lavender Circus Budapest

The hostel we stayed at in Budapest deserves a post as it was unique, comfortable and so centarlly located. The staff were exceptionally friendly and was excellent value for money. The best part of all, is it isn’t like traditional hostels and all rooms are designed to sleep two. We were lucky enough to book the apartment that slept 3 and we then had our own kitchen and bathroom.

DSC_0095We walked into the main entrance and for a second we thought we were in a derelict budiling, 4 flights of stairs later and the graphics that make Lavender Circus so unique started.

DSC_0096Our 3 sleeper apartment. Simple but perfect for what we were looking for.DSC_1045



DSC_1055The apartment had a stunning view of the Hungarian National Museum.

IMG-20160719-WA0007_Fotorphoto cred @jemmadenn

The main reception and shared living room and kitchen.




DSC_0106As you can see the entire hostel has a general theme to it that combines art, antiques and pure quirkiness:)



I’d highly recommend this hostel to anyone who is planning a visit to the wild and wonderful city that is Budapest.

From Pest to Buda & Back

Jem, Lizzie and I just got back from an incredible girls weekend away. Our first destination was Budapest and after arriving at our hostel we dropped off our bags and went straight out to explore.

We were staying on the Pest side of the Danube river and our first stop was the Great Market Hall.


DSC_1062My 2 lovely travel buddies:)DSC_1063The market was filled with stunning fresh supplies, perfect if you are staying in an airbnb or are planning a picnic.DSC_1065Some of the architecture is really stunning and I didn’t get very far before stopping to take more pictures.

Just after the Central Market is the Liberty bridge which takes you from the Pest side over to the Buda side and has incredible views of the Danube and the buildings along the river.

DSC_1073Overlooking the Liberty bridge is the Statue of Liberty which sits on Gellert Hill.



DSC_1080The views from the liberty bridge were breathtaking.DSC_1078

DSC_0043We walked along the river looking for a spot to sit for a glass of wine before we headed to the Fisherman’s Bastion.


DSC_0036Stopping to take many pictures along the way obviously;)

Cruising Korcula

One of my absolute favourite days in Croatia was the day we decided to rent our own boat, stock it with booze and food and spend the day at sea.

DSC_0374_Fotor1Dressed and ready for a day out at sea.


DSC_0391_Fotor5At only 80 euro for the day, this 4+ seater boat was a serious steal. They allowed us to take it with just a drivers licence and was the perfect way to explore.


20160615_114630_FotorSoaking up the Croatian sun whilst sipping on a delicious cider, all the way from England;)


DSC_0420_Fotor10And the best part is when you feel like cooling off, you can elegantly slip off the side of the boat into the clear blue, refreshing water.

Honestly this was just one of the most perfect days and I’d highly recommend it to anyone making a visit to the beautiful Korcula.


In Fair Verona

So the next stop on our Italian roadtrip was Verona, a 3 hour drive (well in a 1.2l smart car) from Cinque Terre. Now Verona let me tell you, is absolutely surreal. The home of Romeo and Juliet, my hopeless romantic self made this a must see stop on our Italian adventure.

2016-03-26 14_FotorWith sites that look unmistakably similar to another well known site in Italy, Verona offers so much. It rich in history, is home to the famous Shakespearan story, delicious Italian food and wine and has views that will take your breath away.

Our first stop on our very own walking tour:2016-03-26 14_Fotor5Juliet’s balcony. Now unfortunately we were only in Verona for one day, so we ended up visiting Juliet’s balcony at around midday. Which let me tell you was less glamourous than I had imagined.

2016-03-26 14_Fotor2

2016-03-26 14_Fotor4We weren’t the only ones who had this bright idea.

As you can imagine we didn’t spend much time in this small space, so we moved on to the Piazza Bra which was also just as busy.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor6In the square we grabbed a gelato for our next stop, this involved some hiking up the Pizzalo Castel San Pietro.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor7Just one of the beautiful buildings along the way.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor11

2016-03-26 15_Fotor13The view of the Piazzale Castel San Pietro from across the river, we still had a number of stairs to conquer.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor19Half way up and a sneak peak of what was waiting for us at the top.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor21

2016-03-26 15_Fotor26Mother bear and I enjoying the views at the top whilst soaking up the winter sun.

2016-03-26 15_Fotor23

2016-03-26 15_Fotor17Honestly, Verona took our breath away and you can now see why.

2016-03-26 16_Fotor27After we made it down to the bottom once again, it was time for a much needed glass of wine:) A definite trend on our Italian adventure;)

Where to next you ask, we ditched the car at the train station and ventured on to our next mode of transport, water. If you haven’t already guessed it, our next and final stop for the trip was Venice. Be sure to keep on the look out for that post.